ABC - Play with the letters! (in Bulgarian)

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This application has games with 30 letters from the Bulgarian alphabet, 2 memory games, 2 games with connecting letters and 2 bonus games.


The kid can also:

  • arrange puzzles;
  • write letters;
  • connect letters;
  • color.





This application is made by the programmers from Razor Labs.


You can play and listen in iPhone и iPad.


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Price: 1,99 €



Play with the heroes from fairy tales (in Bulgarian)– educational game for iPhone и iPad!

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In this clever game the kid can play with Pinocchio, Snow White, Thumbelina, the Three little piglets and many other fairytale heroes and solve logical games.



The kid can also

  • find different objects;
  • find differences;
  • choose and move objects;
  • connect objects by pairs and logical connection;
  • arrange objects;
  • find the way in mazes;
  • color.

The three little piglets are going to build their houses. Can you see what are their houses made of?


Can you find 7 mice in the Cinderella's Kitchen?


In this application you can find:

Cinderella – 10 games and a fairytale;

Three little piglets – 10 games and a fairytale;

Our wonderful illustrator is Antoaneta Chetrafilova and the fairytales are told from our little 9 years old friend - Aleks


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 Price: 1.79 €