About us

Publishing House Cleverbook was created in 2010 with plenty of courage and lots of love.

What teacher say: concentration, fine motor skills, reading and math… Your kid, on the other hand, wants to play and explore the world around. We offer cards and playbooks, which tell wonderful and funny stories – they invite your child to take part in adventures and at the same time help develop the mind, while enchanting the heart.

A bit about us – the team of Cleverbook

This is Ani. She is a manager, a creative director, production manager and many, many other professions in one. And you know what, she excels in each one of them! She has impeccable flair for beauty and very keen eye for miner imperfections… We owe her the fact that we are almost perfect.

Favorite product: “Mathematical Mazes

This is Maya.  She works while taking care of her three kids and takes care of the kids, while working. In the span of a normal day her chores are quite diverse – ranging from braiding her daughter’s hair to negotiations with foreign publishing houses. Maya researches and offers new products, communicates fluently in English and French and maps out the marketing strategy of the Publishing house.

Favorite product: ”Young Detectives' School


This is Anito. She is 26 years old and may be that is why she participates in our games with such enthusiasm (this is how we test our new products). But it doesn’t stop her to remind us strictly about forgotten and misplaced office documents. She has a standard job – an accountant but her responsibilities are far from standard: she takes care of the financial state of the company, but also prepares the marketing emails to our customers, analyses their effect and researches new marketing channels. The perfect combination between an accountant and marketing specialist :)

Favorite product: ”Baby animals


This is Metodi. Same as the others in the publishing house, he also juggles several jobs: he manages our storage facility, takes care of the distributions and manages our participation in events in Bulgaria. Since quite recently Metodi is appointed at a very interesting position (which of course doesn’t replace, but only adds to the current ones) – Chief organizer of “Games and entertainment for kids with imagination”

Favorite product: „100 fairy tales puzzles"