9 frustrating things only the mothers of daughters would understand


  1.       You can never find a single hairclip even though you know that there are at least 300 pieces somewhere around the house

If men tend to lose their socks (or better said, the socks disappear ON THEIR OWN ACCORD, because you know, men never lose anything), then with the little women the same thing happens with hairclips. Doesn’t matter how many pink, green, strawberry-adorned and Mickey Mouses  hair grips you have purchased, they disappear the moment you step into your house and you daughters grab them from your hands with delighted “oohs” and “aahs. Probably you will find them after a year or two, carefully collected and immediately forgotten in a precious pink box under a pile of toys in the kid’s room.


2. You realize that you have forgotten to prepare a hairband AFTER you have just finished a turbo complicated French braid that you spent 3 hours learning how to do on YouTube.

Because mothers do that as well (while they are taking a break, cooking)– they watch YouTube tutorials, in which allegedly the mother (who most probably is a hairdresser with lineage) swiftly and effortlessly weaves something resembling the Eiffel tower from the obedient strands of hair of  a serene and calm child. . You, on the other hand, are well aware that it will be long, painful and noisy process during which you will scream that it is almost over, while your daughter is screaming that you are PRACTICALLY plucking her hair out. Once you decide that the result is acceptable, the Hairband has disappeared - forever into oblivion, a bit like the hairclips mentioned above.  


3. The kindergarten teacher makes the best hairdos in the world. In the morning you send a disheveled kid, whose hair you have managed to pull into something vaguely resembling a ponytail, and in the evening you are take home a real princess with two French braids which are joined into some incredible gorgeous creation, fixed with neon hairbands…Your daughter looks at you silently and meaningfully, and you on your hand just as silently pretend not to notice the reproach, while in your head, amazed,  you are doing the calculation: 16 girls means 16 hairdos, and the teacher had only 8 hours, mind you...


4. There is nothing worse than putting on pantyhose on your kid early in the morning.

Why do men thing that pantyhose is a spoiled and unnecessary stuff and the child should grow accustomed and inured to the cold? Because they are quite difficult to put on, that is why!

To make a nervous and fidgety child (or a child who is refusing to wake up as often is the case in the morning) put on a pantyhose is something indescribable. While your manage to somehow thrust in one of the legs, the other has someone gotten out.. You finally manage to put on the whole damned thing and then you discover a hole on the toes or your daughter has managed to finally wake up and is protesting against the simple grey color, because:



5. According to the rules of kids’ fashion, the bright pink pantyhose goes with absolutely every piece and type of garment, in any season!  

Is there a mother of a daughter who hasn’t proclaimed: “My daughter will never wear the bright candy colors!” and then went on to buy pink clothes… There are things that are set in this life and the fuchsia kids’ pantyhose is one of them.   


6. Clothes are divided into “My favorite one” and “This is disgusting, ugly and I will never wear it!” Of course, these differ every day.


 7. The cheese pie in the kindergarten, is the most delicious in the world. (“ and not like yours, mummy!”).

If you make an effort to read the menu in the kindergarten, you will realize that your children eat things that they would never even give attention to at home – such as tomato soup, гgrilled fish, semolina etc. When you try to recreate the same menu at home, however, the most flattering comment you can expect is: “The tomato soup was delicious, but next time can you make it without the tomatoes?” You feel like asking the kindergarten cook for recipes or may be even some cooking lessons?   


8. “Mommy, why do you have wrinkles on your butt?”– and before you know it, you have to explain to your daughter what stretch marks are. After exhausting explanations about putting on weight and losing weight, during which your daughter is looking at you uncomprehendingly, in the end she says: “Right, then let’s buy you a cream against wrinkles with “q-ten” and it will fix it completely, no?” For a moment you consider introducing her to the irreversibility of some things in life but then decide to get the cream and use it – who know, it might help?


9. “Mummy, whose are these beautiful shiny shoes?”– obviously your daughter can not make a connection between you and the shiny patent shoes which you used to hop in on your way to the office not so long ago but in another life entirely. … you try to explain that there was a time in your life when you used to wear beautiful clothes every day and even used to wear makeup, yeah the same one, that now is gathering dust in the bathroom. But she is staring at tracksuit that has become your official daywear and the stretched blouse and can’t understand why in life things happen backwards and not like in story tales where first you are Cindarella and then a princess. Again, you consider the idea of explaining some truths in life, but end up simply saying  “They are for you my pretty girl, for when you grow up” “.

Author Anastasia Nikolova 

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